Even though to the players it's all about hoisting the trophy at the end of the game, it could also be a little about the money. For making it farther in the season the players get a nice little bump and if you make it to the Super Bowl they'll add even a little more to your check

Here's how it breaks down!

For winning the Eagles will each take home $112,000 in bonuses! Each Eagle will also have to pay $7,200 in taxes to the state of Minnesota and the IRS will take $23,500 from each player's bonus. So if we do the math and they end of the day the players will each get $81,300 for winning the Super Bowl and that's of course on top of what they are already getting paid.

For the Patriots, they will each get $56,000 in bonuses (before taxes).

All in all, I don't think you will find too many people that would be upset to take ether of these bonuses. You can learn more about the bonuses and how they're determined and WHO gets them too. Some players that no longer play for the team are still getting Super Bowl money and you can find out why HERE.

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