The calendar says late January but the forecast has been down right spring like. With the extended thaw we have been experiencing, the sap has started to flow in the maple trees and now may be a good time to set your taps!

The best sap of the season is normally when the first thaw and flow begins. Normally that happens mid February in to March. However, many Western New York maple farms have started there tapping. When you consider that some of these farms have thousands of trees to tap, the job can last for a few weeks.

According to at least one tapping expert:

Sap flows when daytime temperatures rise above freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 Celsius) and nighttime temperatures fall below freezing. The rising temperature creates pressure in the tree generating the sap flow.

Our forecast is calling for an up and down temperature pattern which could really kick the sap in to gear. If you have a maple tree around your house, it may be fun to try it out. It doesn't take much to get a fair amount to boil on your stove.

The website says:

It doesn’t matter how nice a hole you drill, what type of spout you use, or what level of vacuum you are pulling if you have drilled into a bad section of the tree. To get a decent amount of high-quality sap, you need to drill into clear, white sapwood.

There are a few places that carry home kits including Vidler's on Main St in East Aurora. Get out and start tapping!


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