The Hater App is revolutionizing the way online dating work; instead of looking for common likes,  you look for common dislikes. I guess complaining is America's favorite pastime so this works out perfectly.

The latest data released from the app moves into the food category and what people dislike the most in each state. Some of these are pretty hilarious and pretty true!


According to the Hater App, New York does not like Ranch on Pizza. I started laughing because this is soooo true. For some reason people in NY and especially WNY have something against ranch. Some other notable hates:

Texas: Overcooked Steak
Wisconsin: Lunchables
North Carolina: Cottage Cheese
Missouri: The Last Bite of a Hot Dog
North Dakota: Tapas
Colorado: Flaming Hot Cheetos
New Jersey: Gas Station Wine
Illinois: Biting String Cheese

I guess New York can have its weird quirks too.


You can read the full article on Buzzfeed and start compiling a list of things you hate.

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