Well, we always say, Buffalo has never lost a tailgate.

Some people light themselves on fire, some go through folding tables, some RKO a fake Tom Brady, the list goes on, but Orchard Park Police and New Era Field want to make sure that everyone is safe, too.

One solution that was talked about last night in a meeting was private lot owners getting free parking lot permits to let police on the property. According to WGRZ Orchard Park Police Chief Mark Pacholec said:

We're not talking about the mom-and-dad, smaller lots, and we're not talking about the bulk of them, but there are a handful of them-- five, six lots, that continually present problems," Pacholec said last week. "Car larcenies. People jumping on burning tables and setting themselves on fire. People do stupid things that are going to get themselves and others hurt. We have a duty to respond when we have those things. When people get hurt. When people get burned. When people are in a condition when they need our help or EMS's help. We will always fulfill our duties. But we're looking for another tool to be proactive, and that has to be a legal tool".