I know Bills fans: that Super Bowl was a tough watch. You're in a pickle. Do you root for the team (Kansas City Chiefs) that beat you and ended your season in a defiant way? Or do you root for the man (Tom Brady) who is the single biggest reason you had to endure a 17-year playoff drought and years of football suffering?

Turns out, the Chiefs were no match for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as Tampa won 31-9 to claim the franchise's second Super Bowl Championship.

However, it was quarterback Tom Brady's seventh, yes, SEVENTH Super Bowl victory. Six with New England and now one with Tampa Bay.

I saw it all over Twitter and Facebook on Sunday night and Monday morning: "ugh, Brady won another!"

I get Bills fans hating Brady (I'm right there with you), even though I still respect his accomplishments. However, it might be okay that Tampa and Brady won. Here's why.

For starters, if Bills fans are feeling bad after Sunday night, imagine how New England Patriots fans feel!?

They had been bragging for 19 years how they had the superior franchise because of the "Patriot Way," but considering Brady left and the first year without him, New England went below .500 and missed the playoffs with one of the worst offenses in the NFL, and Brady won the Super Bowl his first year with the Bucs...that likely seals the narrative that it was in fact ONE guy that made the Patriots a juggernaut for nearly 20 years. Patriots fans will know Brady could do it without them and they could not, at least not this year. That will live with them forever.

Secondly, this means the Chiefs lost and now Mahomes has lost to Brady twice in big playoff games. The AFC Title game in January of 2019 and in Super Bowl LV.

Mahomes still has one Super Bowl but Josh Allen and the Bills can still catch the Chiefs and perhaps 10 years from now be considered the more successful franchise?

I know, getting WAY ahead of myself, since the Bills haven't made a Super Bowl since January of 1994, but Allen took a huge step in 2020 and was in the league MVP conversation. He's a top five quarterback in the NFL now and let's face it, to win the Super Bowl he will have to get by Mahomes for the next 10+ years. This might be the next version of Jim Kelly/Dan Marino or Tom Brady/Peyton Manning in the AFC conference. Josh and the Bills are still just one behind Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Brady winning another ring sucks for many Bills fans. I just wanted to paint a different picture for our coping on Monday...

Go Bills!

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