With the Super Bowl just days away, WalletHub has released its latest report on the Best & Worst Cities For Football Fans and it turns out Buffalo fans represent themselves well.  The personal-finance website analyzed 244 U.S. cities with at least one professional and one college football team in 17 categories including team performance, attendance, stadium capacity and ticket prices.

Rankings of Football Fans In Buffalo (1=Best, 122=Average)

  • 16th - Performance Level of NFL Team
  • 15th - Average Ticket Price for an NFL Game
  • 116th - Season-Ticket Price for College Football Game
  • 2nd - NFL Stadium Capacity
  • 2nd - NFL Stadium Accessibility
  • 21st - NFL Attendance
  • 15th - NFL Fan Engagement

When you crunch all those numbers together Buffalo came out ranked 21st overall and 2nd among mid-size cities.  Only Glendale, Arizona, home to both the University of Phoenix and Phoenix Cardinals scored better among mid-size cities.

Among all NFL cities Buffalo finished 20th best, but only the 150th best college football experience.

Green Bay, Wisconsin topped all cities in overall rank while Pittsburgh, PA came in 2nd, but first among large cities.

You can find the complete report at Best-Worst Cities For Football Fans


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