If you're like me you probably watch HGTV religiously and you're familiar with the hit show 'The Property Brothers'  Real-Life Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott help new home buyers find a fixer-upper to purchase and then turn it into the home of their dreams under a strict affordable budget.

Wouldn't it be cool to be one of the homebuyers on the show? Word has it that brothers are coming to New York as well as New Jersey and Connecticut to film their shows.

If you're in the market for a new home and need the help of the property brothers to turn a fixer upper into your dream home, the shows producers are looking for you. The HGTV website is asking you to fill out an online form if you meet their requirements

To be eligible you must:
• Live in NY, NJ, or CT
• Be buying and renovating a ‘fixer-upper’.
• Be outgoing, energetic, opinionated, and fun.
• Be in need of expert design and construction help.
• Have minimum $65,000-$100,000 budget to renovate.
• Have financing in place and ready to spend.
• Be able to make quick decisions in order to keep tight timelines.
• Be available for 6 days of filming (staggered over 6-7 weeks).
• Be enthusiastic about working with experts who have the design and construction know-how.
• Must be 21 years of age or older.

Fill out the application and let us know if you're picked to be on the show!!  We'd love to hear about it and follow your journey!  Good Luck!

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