The housing market in New York State is still relatively slow to start the new year. Inventory and mortgage rates are still having a major impact as buyers are trying to find that perfect home. As of this week, a 30 year fixed rate is 6.88%!

The days of paying way over asking, or selling a home in record time are behind us, for now. But some experts say that things may change this year as we get ready for the next Presidential election this November.

But one thing is for certain, if you are buying a home, or currently a homeowner who wants to make sure that things are safe, you should have a radon gas test performed.

WHNY reports that:

The NYSDOH recommends testing for radon during the winter months when windows and doors are closed and there is less fresh air flowing. It is ‌also advised to test every‍ five years and re-test after remodeling, weatherizing, ⁢or after radon mitigation.

New York State has a large amount of counties that are considered to be "high risk" when it comes to radon gas. The leading county, according to a study from 2017, seems to be Cortland County.

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