Western New York is full of amazing places, things, and events and even if you have lived here all your life, there are things you might not even know exist.

From Niagara Falls to Allegany State Park, Western New York is full of places that locals know about but people who live 20 minutes away may never heard of.

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The Northtowns vs Southtowns battle is a real thing and many people never cross that border and because of that, they might be missing out on true treasures in Western New York.

We asked people to share their favorite "hidden gems" in Western New York. It could be a store, restaurant, a place to take the family or just a day that happens every once in a while that lets you truly enjoy all that Western New York has to offer.

Of course, some people were a little hesitant to share their favorite "Hidden Gem" in fear that it will become more than a hidden gem and that they will have to share it with a lot more people now than they did in the past.

So a big thank you to everyone who chimed in and wanted to let everyone in Western New York know about these hidden gems that bring true joy and happiness to people all over Western New York.

For without further ado, Check out 13 Hidden Gems in Western New York.

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