It’s game day in Orchard Park.

The Buffalo Bills will host the Pittsburgh Steelers today at Highmark Stadium. Kickoff is 4:30 pm. The original start time was 1 pm on Sunday, but due to the heavy lake effect snowstorm (with 45-70 mph wind gusts), the game was pushed back.

There was a travel ban for the City of Buffalo and south towns that was lifted at 6 am. The ban went into place at 9 pm on Saturday night. South Buffalo to Hamburg was slammed with over three feet of snow, so it’ll be a chore for people just to dig out and get to the game today.

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As for the stadium, there is still a ton of snow in the stands and walkways at Highmark Stadium.

The Bills asked fans who wanted to help last night to come to the stadium for shoveling. A few hundred worked around the clock last night to clear as much as they can. However, it snowed through the night in Orchard Park and other areas south of Buffalo.

There are still some people who are shoveling at the stadium but there is still a massive ton of snow in the seats. This could be a big problem for fans who are coming inside the stadium in four hours.

Parking will be more limited as well. Carpooling was encouraged by Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.

Please do not throw snow onto the field if you are going to the stadium. It poses a safety hazard to other fans, players and staff.

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