Stefon Diggs is just cool.

He's just a likable guy. Not only for his plays on the field, but just his down-to-earth, chill swagger he has going on. There's no doubt that the people of Buffalo absolutely love the guy. Here's a little highlight from the Buffalo Bills - Houston Texans game.

Stefon Diggs was waiting for Sean McDermott to throw the challenge flag after a play and here is is playfully 'mimicking' the flag throw. After a few seconds, you can see Diggs just grunt and jog away. But, he's athletic as he is entertaining.

He's just a goofy guy.

One commenter on Buffalo Plus' YouTube actually caught what not a lot of us did during the broadcast on TV. He was doing it all game, too.

during a huddle at the goal line he went to where he was going to line up without having a play called any all the guys were motioning him to come back to the huddle and he started to run back and then stopped and they would motion harder for him to come back and he started to run again and stopped was like he was playing red light green light with himself haha......the guys were having a blast on the sidelines all game haha

The Buffalo Bills Mafia is headed down to Nashville as we speak. Expect 30,000 people down there for the game. It is going to be absolutely wild. If you are going down to Tennessee, here is a list of all of the Buffalo parties that will be happening down there.

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