Some historic Buffalo grain elevators that have been sitting vacant since 1986 are finally being utilized and repurposed. Young + Wright Architectural have been approved by the city planning board to convert the old Kreiner Malting Grain Elevator into their new offices. Taking a space that while historic had been sitting vacant for years. The company will be keeping the historic structure and silos but renovating and upgrading it for modern use. A great tribute to the past while looking towards the future and redevelopment of the area. It was previously used for grain by the Buffalo Malt Group but like previously mentioned, the property at 50 Elk St. now sits empty with graffiti and plenty of chances for vandalism. The plan will cost $1.8 million dollars and the company hopes to also rent out the bottom of the 19,055 square foot building to tenants.

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The renovation will include both interior and exterior projects and according The Buffalo News,

"will involve federal and state tax credits, also includes 48 off-street parking spaces, green space, landscaping, sidewalks and exterior lighting on the 1.9-acre site, located at the corner of Elk and Fulton streets."

Construction is set to start this spring and hopes to be completed by January 2018.

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