This is certainly something we don't see often. A historic discovery right here in Western New York.

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Corfu, NY isn't a big town but as most Western New York communities, it's home to prideful residents. Many know it as the town near Six Flags Darien Lake, but on Sunday, June 14th, a big discovery happened inside the old Union Hotel, located on East Main Street in Corfu, according to WIVB.

Tom Dix bought the building two years ago and is almost done renovating it and bringing the first sit-down restaurant to Corfu.

However, as he was removing wood paneling inside the building, he found something amazing behind it.

A huge Ringling Brothers poster was found, taking up almost the entire wall. It was promoting a show that took place in Batavia on June 27th, 1907!!

“We did find out that it was in Batavia on that day in 1907, and it was actually the last year that the Ringling Brothers Circus was not combined with the Barnum and Bailey Circus,” Dix said.

Dix has no idea how much something like this is worth but a piece is missing because a door was built into the wall. He says the people who put it there probably had no idea that this would be something people would be in awe of 113 years later.

The building itself is pretty historic at 150 years old. Once it's done being renovated, it'll be a hotel, restaurant and bowling alley -- like it was in the 60's.

How cool is that!? Check out the video from WIVB below:

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