Christmas is only a few days away and if you want to get in to the holiday spirit, there is nothing like a cup of hot cocoa and a good movie. Lucky for us, there are Holiday movies on just about every network and just about every hour.

The weather is warm and clear this week and not ideal conditions for a white Christmas, yet. While there may not be snow on the ground in most of New York State, there is still a 58% chance that we will have a white Christmas...fingers crossed.

From Niagara Falls to Albany and everywhere in between, there are some quaint towns and villages that are all aglow and ready for Christmas. However, there is one village in New York State that is the perfect setting for a Christmas movie and one store in that town that has been featured in many of them.

The debut of the movie, "A Royal Christmas Holiday" will happen on December 23rd at 8pm on Great American Family Network. It is the 7th movie that will feature, in some fashion, Vidler's 5&10 in East Aurora, New York.

We have been watching Holiday movies at the house since the Halloween ended. While most, if not all, of them have the same plot and story line, Holiday movies are a great way to get in to the spirit!

The Complete List Of Movies That Feature East Aurora Is Below





  • 1

    Prince For Christmas 2015

  • 2

    A Christmas In Vermont 2016

  • 3

    A Christmas Princess 2019

  • 4

    A Royal Christmas Engagement 2020

  • 5

    A Royal Christmas On Ice 2022

  • 6

    Crown Prince Of Christmas 2022

  • 7

    A Royal Christmas Holiday 2023

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