A recent trip to Home Depot felt like the closest thing to getting to a haunted house this Halloween season -- if you really want some epic scares, they're currently located near the paint department.

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The 6-ft Animated LED Jack-in-the-Box's size really brings to life the actual horror you felt as a child playing with a Jack-in-the-box.

A personal favorite is the 9.5 Animated Beetlejuice Sandworm. Somehow, it manages to look jaunty and terrifying at the same time.

Nothing quite compares to their fire-breathing dragon though.

This super realistic (as far as medieval fictional flying reptiles goes) dragon is animated, screeches out loud, and can even breathe smoke through an attached fog machine.

To be the most extra person on your street this October, it'll set you back a pretty penny, but let's face it, all good investments come at a cost. The 69 in. Animated Giant Dragon in Grey without Fog Machine from Home Accents will set you back $399.

According to the product description on Home Depot's website, this dragon will "delight and fright, its "LED-illuminated red eyes give it a scary gaze," and when connected to a (sold separately) fog machine it brings "added fun."

Reviews from early Halloween decor-adopters mention it's easy to assemble, but you'll need two people to lift it. And if you've busted your budget on the dragon alone and there's no cash left for a fog machine, don't worry.

As one reviewer put it, "Frankly, I don't think it needs a fog machine because this beast stands on its own and attracts the kiddies and parents alone."

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