Trick-or-treating just got more fun and safe even in a global pandemic!

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The concern over whether or not to take your kids house to house this Halloween has been on the top of parents minds all over the country. Yes, most kids would be wearing a mask when they go on the hunt for candy. But what about contact and social distancing? At least one dad has figured out a genius and slick way to deliver the goods to the little ghosts and goblins.

According to reports, the man and his six-year-old daughter created a 'candy chute' outside his Cincinnati home. They spray painted a six-foot tube and duct taped it to their front porch handrail. Kids simply need to hold their bag open at the bottom to get candy coming down the chute.

I love this idea! Even if you don't have steps to your front door, you can make a chute that is elevated from the house to the kids.

As much as I tried to veto it, our family will be dressing up as a group. We have three little boys and have been thinking about either going as Power Rangers or Toy Story characters. Even if the weather or the pandemic come in to play as party poopers, we will visit family and close fiends for some candy.

Halloween is on a Saturday this year and to add to the excitement, it is gong to be a full moon that evening!

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