The need is greater than ever! Hunger is a very real issue here in the Western New York area and there is a way that you can help your neighbors this year, virtually.

The pandemic has been brutal on just about everyone and those who may not have struggled in the past to find food for their families may in fact need your help. With jobs being lost or paychecks being sparse, many are turning to FeedMore for help getting their next meal.

The truth is, you may even know someone who, through no fault of their own, have been getting help from some of the many organizations that FeedMore works with. Since things are "different" these days, you can still put together a food drive.

It is hard to believe that we are already a year in to this pandemic. When things first shutdown, it felt like we may never get out of 2020. But Americans and Western New Yorkers have fought and pushed through. The amount of generosity that we have seen has been incredible and it continues this year as well.

Sadly, there are many children right here in our own backyard who face hunger each day! Each day, there are more and more families who face a difficult situation: pay the rent, heat bill or electric bill; or pay for food? Let's help the best way we can with our donations.

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