We are on a bit of a temperature see-saw.  One day it's up into the 90s, the very next it drops 30 degrees.  So what do we have to look forward to next week?

After the winters that we get here in Buffalo, most Buffalonians are eager to get to summer as quickly as possible.  We want to make the most of it when it comes.  So get ready, it looks as though we are going to see much warmer (above normal) temperatures next week.

Memorial Day weekend is kind of the unofficial start to summer and it looks like we're going to see some very summer-like weather that day.  It looks like we're going to see some humidity move in this weekend and as it stands right now, by the time we get to Memorial Day on Monday, it's going to be into the upper 80s.

If you're planning a camping trip, I would pack some extra clothes though.  It looks like we will get wet first.  We will have to get through a little rain before we get to the beautiful weather.  It looks like we've got rain rolling in starting on Wednesday night and continuing through to Saturday morning but then it's clear sailing for the rest of the holiday weekend.

Perfect weather to get out to a Memorial Day parade to honor the soldiers that we've lost along the way.  If you haven't gotten out the grill yet, Saturday afternoon or Sunday are looking perfect for a cookout.

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