The fall is almost here and the housing inventory is about to slow down. However, there is one location that is so hot for selling and buying homes in New York State, it is one of the best zip codes in the nation for real estate.

Buying and selling a home is both challenging and exciting no matter the financial climate. These days, the interest rates are so high that it has become even more challenging and risky as you might pay way more than the house is worth over the long haul of the mortgage.

That doesn't seem to stop the market in at least one area of New York State.

According to a recent study, zip code 14534 is so it is one of the nation's top 10! says that Pittsford, NY is ideal for buying and selling.

Pittsford, not far from the banks of Lake Ontario, is an upscale, suburban community with highly rated schools just outside of Rochester. The historic center of town is filled with boutiques, restaurants, and antiques shops.

According to one real estate agent we spoke with in the Western New York area, "people are getting tired and anxious with the interest rates and the prices of homes. They are waiting for them to drop and they are not". But that doesn't seem to stop eager buyers.

If you want a new home or buy something different, it is going to cost you. Some say that the mortgage payments have grown as much as 23% more. In June, it was already starting to climb.

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