Yes! It's Finally Friday! After a long week I'm thrilled to be able to say "hello" to the weekend, but some folks don't seem to be as thrilled. Today happens to also be the 13th, so that makes it Friday the 13th! I remember growing up whenever it was Friday the 13th anytime something odd happened in the day or if something went wrong I automatically blamed it on the superstition. What I didn't realize was that some people, of various ages, are actually really bothered about it.

Is there really reason to be worried? Well if you're big on stocks and the stock market, Today might actually scare you. According to USA Today, " Stocks perform worse on Fridays that end in 13 than on every other Friday". If you're wondering where the origins may have came from (there's many different opinions) and why we're scared of the day, Click Here

I guess it all depends on what you consider "unlucky", I mean everyone's interpretation of a horrible day varies. I suppose the safest bet would be to just stay home and in bed, avoiding any chance of unlikely situations. For me, It's the start to the weekend and pay day, seems like a good day to me!

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