We've all seen them.  Heck, your parents probably still have some.  They were huge in the '90s and probably just as popular now.  But how do you say the word 'Zubaz'?

If you're from Buffalo, when I say the word 'Zubaz', you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Mostly you see Zubaz in pants, but these days, really you can get them on just about anything.  They're the design that looks like a zebra's stripes only instead of just being black and white, they're in the colors of your favorite team.

They're marketed as the world's most comfortable pants...but again, how the heck do you say it?

Listen to how these guys say it when they get a couple of pairs for Christmas:

I've heard it a bunch of different ways.  Like "Zoo-Bazz" or "Zoo-Buzz"...even "Zoo-Biz."

So I reached out on Twitter.  I didn't get many votes, but it was still split:

Here's what's interesting about that poll:

1.) As I write this post, it's so close.

2.) Half the people were wrong.


How do I know they're wrong?

Zubaz responded to me.

It's zoo-buzz like zebras.  Of course, it is.  I felt pretty dumb for a minute....then I realized that half the people that took the poll didn't know either.

I checked the official TV infomercial to see if I still had it right:



Now I've got it.  This Sunday when you're cheering on your Bills in your Zubaz, you'll know how to say it.  No more Zoo-baz from me...and remember, if you're not wearing Zubaz, you're just wearing pants.


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