Some people say there's just nothing to do in Buffalo.  Those must be the people who stay locked up in their house all day.  Every weekend all summer long you'll find festivals, craft fairs, lawn fetes, community picnics and gatherings.  In fact you probably won't be able to attend them all because they're all packed into such a short period of time.  And that time is usually summer.

Buffalo and Western New York also has a nice variety of fresh water beaches, parks, amusement parks and scenic spots.  But how do we stack up against other cities across the country for recreation?

July is National Parks and Recreation Month and the personal financial website WalletHub has released a report on the best and worst cities for recreation.  To arrive at their conclusions they used four main factors...the most important one was the number and types of entertainment and recreation facilities.

Among the things they looked at were golf courses, swimming pools, music venues, running, hiking and bike trails, water parks and amusement parks, baseball and softball diamonds, basketball courts, tennis courts, restaurants, theatres and a number of other factors.

Also taken into consideration was the quality of parks and public facilities, costs and weather.  You might have guessed Buffalo didn't do too well in the weather category.  Buffalo was ranked dead last among 100 cities in regard to weather.

In the all important entertainment and recreation facilities category Buffalo finished 26th overall, 48th in costs and 30th in quality of parks and facilities.  That last place finish in weather brought Buffalo's overall ranking down to 54th overall among all the cities surveyed.

Orlando, Florida ranked Number-1 overall in the study.  Can you guess what was Number-2?  Here's the complete WalletHub report:

Source: WalletHub

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