If you are in or have been in a long term relationship you know sometimes you just have to "Poke The Bear" and annoy your significant other.

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Recently I wanted to grow out my beard, but not in a traditional style so I opted for the Van Dyke...It is simply a mustache with some chin hair. I really wasn't digging it, but when my wife Elizabeth gave me her unsolicited thoughts, I knew I had to keep it!

Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM 2020
Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM 2020

See, my wife does not like Mustaches, she likes it when I have a 3-day stubble look, so out of nowhere, she decided to tell me how much the Van Dyke looked awful on me.

I was thinking of shaving but now, of course, I am going to keep the look..just to spite her!

Because that is what you do when you been married for 17 years!! hahaha

So how have you annoyed your significant other?
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