There is simply nothing better than a fresh order of your favorite chicken wings. Here in Buffalo, we just call them wings. But no matter how you refer to them (just don't use "Buffalo wings") you know the exact amount of wings that you can handle before you give in or have had your fill. But perhaps that limit is way too many? Should there be a standard for the portion size of wings that a restaurant should or can be allowed to serve?

We all know that when it comes to ordering wings, there is a certain way that we do it. Single, double, triple or bucket (50). Then you tell the person what flavor or heat intensity; hot, med, mild, bbq etc...Depending on where you buy them from, each place seems to agree that 10 is a good even number for a single order. That could mean 5 flats and 5 drums or just a random selection of both to get you to 10.

But if you ask the health professionals, and you are concerned about cholesterol, the portion size of a single order may be around 8!

Most reports indicate that the daily limit of cholesterol for a healthy adult is 300 milligrams.

If you do not have risk factors for heart disease, you should limit your cholesterol intake to no more than 300 milligrams a day.

One fried wing (the best way to eat them) is listed to have approximately 36 milligrams of cholesterol. Based on that, eating 8.5 wings or less would be a safe and healthy portion size.

But when you order wings or are at a party, who cares to or wants to worry about the cholesterol in wings. Unless you are on a strict diet or have health issues, when it is wing time nobody wants to be distracted by facts and figures or worry about your figure at that point. I say dig in and enjoy. We can debate where the best wings are and what the best sauce is. But let's not skimp on the order size. Anything less than 10 is just a tease.

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