When I was in school, it was near to impossible to get a sick day.  The only way to get out of school was for a dentist/orthodontist appointment, a death in the family, or if we were on our own death bed.  I've found that as a parent, I'm not as strict when it comes to that as my mom and dad were.

To each their own.  I understand why they were so adamant about me making it to class.  But I've got my own reasons for keeping my kids out of school when I think they're sick.

1.  I Don't Want To Spread It

We all know how much contact there is between kids at school.  I can just imagine how many germs are exchanged each day.  It's just the way it is.  That doesn't stop me from cringing though when I see a little one with a runny nose or a cough that won't quit as he wipes his nose and then uses that same hand to go back to building with the legos that my kids are playing with.  If I can avoid my kid being that kid I will every time.

2.  How Productive Can You Be?

You've done it.  You've gone to work when you were probably too sick too.  Hey, we've only got so many sick days we can use right?  Chances are, you've had to use them to take care of your sick kid!  So we go to work.  But how much do we really get done?  It's tough to see a board through watery eyes and it's hard to hear the teacher when someone is coughing non-stop.

3.  It's Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

I learned my lesson the hard way.  Last year my daughter told me she had a sore throat.  She wasn't coughing.  She didn't have a fever.  There was no runny nose.  I thought that it was just a sore throat.  She went to school that day.  As it turns out, she had scarlet fever.  The signs didn't show up until after she got home from school.