If you're like me and will be ringing in the new year in the company of your little ones (if they can stay up that late!), here are some kid-friendly New Year's Eve party suggestions:

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1. If they can't stay up late, do an "early" countdown. It basically feels like 10pm once it gets dark at 5pm, right? If bedtime is normally 8pm, then that's your new midnight!

2. Do a balloon countdown. Roll little pieces of paper with activities written on them (make party hats, blow up balloons, make a snack, play hide-and-seek, etc.), stuff those into balloons...blow up the balloon and mark it with the time (6:30pm, 7:30pm, etc.). Kids will love popping the balloons as the times hit, and hunting for the activity paper. String your balloons on a ribbon for the ultimate countdown effect.

3. Do a festive craft. I love this one for glitter playdough. Click here to find out how to make it.

4. Have a toast. Get plastic champagne glasses and fill with sparkling water or juice, so the kids can be extra fancy when ringing in the New Year.

5. Make a Wishing Wall. Give the kids post-its to write wishes for the New Year on, and stick them up on the wall so everyone can share their wishes and goals for 2017.

And if you're well-stocked on Tylenol, feel free to bring out the noisemakers!

Have a wonderful New Year with your little ones.


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