This is the time of the year that we dust off the Holiday decorations and, for some, that means getting the fancy and antique collectibles out to show off and display!

If you know someone who collects things, there are times you may wonder what they will do with all that "stuff"? However, it is easy to shop for gifts for someone who makes it a hobby to have a collection of things. We have a coworker who collects anything pig-related and as strange as that may be to some, it makes picking out a birthday gift much easier.

Walk into most grandparent's homes and you may see small figurines set in a glass case or curio. If you look closely, you may be looking at a fortune in mini sculptures.

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Which Hummel can get you the most money? According to at least one report, it is ADVENTURE BOUND...Hummel #347

The suggested retail for this item is over $4,000! Just like any other item that goes up for sale or auction, it may get more if it is in the proper shape and has its original box.

If you grew up in a house that had one of these cabinets, you lived in fear that mom or grandma would catch you messing around the cabinet or shelf that the Hummel collection sat on. For good reason. These are not only nice to look at, but they are a neat hand-me-down to keep in a family for generations. Who knows, it may one day be the financial help you need!

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