It's always fun when a new restaurant or brewery comes to Western New York and for me, it's almost like opening up a Christmas present because going out to eat and drink is one of my favorite activities in life.

You probably know that the Eastern Hills Mall has and will undergo transformations. One of the next steps for the Eastern Hills Mall is repurposing a huge part of the mall that used to have Dave & Busters. We know what will fill that hole now.

According to WGRZ, Steel Leaf Brewing Company has signed a lease to take over the 35,000-square-feet space that used to house Dave & Busters.

Steel Leaf is a microbrewery and restaurant and is now a major part of the $250 million overhauls of the Eastern Hills Mall property into a suburban shopping center.

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Steel Leaf will have a huge menu for craft beer lovers, along with a food menu that will surely please everyone.

I think it's great that the Eastern Hills Mall is getting repurposed into something that will really help out the Williamsville community and really, all of Western New York since the property is a major piece of the Buffalo consciousness.

I'm excited to see when they finally open and just how much space will be had because that's a pretty huge part of the mall and I'm glad it will be used for a microbrewery and restaurant.

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