Thanksgiving is just days away and if you have not finalized your plan or purchased the things you need, it may be time to panic. It may also be time to get ready for a reality check when it comes to the price of things this Thanksgiving.

It was not that long ago that we were faced with shortages on so many things. There are still lingering shortages that we see pop up every now and again. Whether it is supply issues or due to a lack of people to do the job, some industries still struggle to keep up with demand.

But this Thanksgiving, consumers here in New York State are faced with another issue at the stores. The price of everything has gone up and may be tough to swallow if you are not prepared.

Inflation Changes Thanksgiving

Time For A New Tradition

For some families, it may be hard to have the traditional things that they are used to at Thanksgiving. Perhaps it is time to consider a new tradition? Hunting is a great way to get food for your family and it is a great way to save some money. Although it is too late this year to hunt for a turkey for Thanksgiving, it may be a good idea moving forward. Or perhaps you can serve something other than turkey? There are lots of families that choose to go with a red meat option. Venison is a fantastic meat and is in season now for registered and licensed hunters. Although the price and availability of hunting ammunition and accessories has risen, hunting can still be a better and less expensive way to fill your freezer.

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