Your kids grow up all too fast don’t they?  I’s very cliché to say, but it’s very true.  They won’t always be the young dependent kids that they are now.

That became evident for me last night.

No…we didn’t have to have “the talk.”  We didn’t have a fist fight.  He’s a self proclaimed nerd.  Loves reading...stuff like that.

Last night…The little dude beat me in chess.

Listen…he’s beaten me before when I set him up for it a bit.  But last night, I don’t know where my head was.  He wiped the board with me.  It wasn’t even close.

It is what it is.  I’m was proud of him…until we got up this morning and the first thing he said was, “Good morning dad!  Want to play some chess?” and it wasn't in a cute way.  It was in a "I can now beat my dad at will" way.

I’m not sure how we still haven’t had our first fist fight.

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