Ice cream is probably my favorite food. I don't have as much as I used to but when I do indulge, I usually go with the Western New York staple: Perry's Ice Cream.

The amount of awesome flavors that Perry's has is truly mesmerizing and they're about to add to that selection across Western New York. If you love cookies, then get ready for this!

According to WGRZ, Perry's has teamed up with the Cleveland Indians for a brand new ice cream flavor that is sure to appease hardcore cookie fans.

It's called "Doughing, Doughing, Gone" and will be released just in time for the upcoming baseball season.

It's chocolate cookie dough ice cream with crushed cookie swirls and cookie dough pieces!

The ice cream will not only be available in Western New York but also in Pennsylvania and of course, Ohio.

This is not the first time that Perry's has teamed up with a professional sports team. There have been ice cream flavors for the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Syracuse Orange.

Cookie dough is my favorite flavor of ice cream, so this looks like a dream come true. It's basically a dream for anyone who loves cookie dough, cookies & creme, and chocolate. What's not to love?

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