When you get your paycheck, you already know where most of the money is going to.

You hate doing it, but you dish it out to all of the places that your paycheck needs to go to. Part goes to the mortgage, part goes to this credit card and that credit card. And before you know it your paycheck is completely gone. Now, how much would you have left after expenses if you made a $100.000 salary? That is already above the American median salary, but it is all about how you use what you have left.

It doesn't help that here in New York State so much of your paycheck automatically goes to taxes and other New York State benefits. But, here is how much money you would have leftover to spend, if you made $100,000 in New York State after taxes, utilities, groceries, vehicle costs, etc.

The website GoBankingRates.com had a formula and used it for every top 50 cities in America. Now, because Buffalo, NY is not in the top 50 cities, Buffalo Business First used a similar formula to get some of these numbers. Now, we looked at our paychecks and realized that in the Buffalo Business First numbers, there was no expense for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Buffalo, NY

  • Federal and state income taxes: $22,520
  • Net pay after income taxes: $77,480
  • Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security: $7,700
  • Annual rent: $12,929
  • Annual groceries: $4,162.68
  • Annual utilities: $1285.2
  • Annual driving costs: $12,096
  • Annual health care: $ $7,953
  • Income leftover: $31,354

Take a look at the chart below:

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