Those Dreaded Bank Fees!
It's Labor Day weekend! I hope you don't have to "labor" too much. You work hard and deserve some time off. You also deserve to know something my bank didn't tell me.
Know Anybody Who Doesn’t Use An ATM?
Before I started working at WYRK 30 years ago – it was a routine with me, like it was with most people that you’d get a check at the end of the pay period and you’d go to the bank, cash it and you’d get your money. But coming here – they had a different system. Direct deposit into a checking account…
“Customer” Service? REALLY!!??
No names here, but last week I went to a local bank, waited patiently in line and politely asked when it was my turn if anyone at the bank was a Notary Public. I was told, "yes, are you a customer"? When I said, "why, does it matter?" I was quickly told, "…