You be the judge on this one!

A 22 year old young man, unidentified at this time was arrested and charged for stealing.

But, would you be getting arrested too?

The 22 year old went to the bank on his regular Friday afternoon to discover that an extra $5,000 was in his account. Not questioning it, he claimed the money as his own and over the next couple weeks he depletes all of the money on some big purchases.

A month later the bank finds their mistake and admit that a teller put the money in the wrong account. The man who's rightfully owed the money has the same name as the 22-year old and that is where the teller messed up. The bank offered to not press charges if he just paid back all the money to the bank. Well, he didn't have any of the money left and none to spare so, the bank has called police and the young man was arrested for stealing.

But, who's really to blame? Should the teller take part of the blame? Would you have used a little bit on the money? Be honest.

I'm a Jr. and have the same name as my dad obviously and this happens to us frequently but, usually its me on the losing end LOL.

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