It's Labor Day weekend! I hope you don't have to "labor" too much. You work hard and deserve some time off. You also deserve to know something my bank didn't tell me.

I just found out, when I used my bank debit/credt card for gas recently (and I always press "credit"), that they are no longer putting on that $1 "hold", which would then came off a day or two later when they charge your account the full amount for the fuel.

I must admit that I have done this, and I think some of you have also...on a day before payday with only $5 left in your account, you get gas knowing that the $25 purchased wouldn't be withdrawn for another day or more. I have always had overdraft protection, but those who don't could face a hefty NSF fee (non-sufficient funds). I will say it wasn't a smart thing to do, but I did get away with it.

Well, you may want to check with your bank to see if things have changed. By the way, I did contact my bank, and they did admit that no notices were sent out regarding this. Hey, I'm just trying to help everyone keep more of that hard-earned cash! If I have,'re welcome! HAPPY LABOR DAY!