Ironically, when you go through the doors of a store, the security sensors will go off even when you paid for everything. It's embarrassing. It's a scene and nobody wants to go through all of the hassles.

But, if you accidentally (or I guess if you take it on purpose you would be a weirdo) the security sensors will not go off.

This happened to me in Lancaster. I accidentally took the self-checkout scanner and brought it home with me. What a hassle.

Our 8-month-old was at home sleeping while he was at my mother-in-law's and I knew that I had JUST THE RIGHT amount of time to sneak over and get all of the supplies to his Easter basket from Walmart. I had only enough to get the supplies. Nothing extra. No time to make any mistakes or lollygag.

The line before Easter was INSANE. It was wrapped around the place, so I was panicking when it was my turn at the self-checkout. I was going as fast as I could and accidentally, I started scanning items twice. Of course, because I am in a hurry, naturally the attendant was nowhere in sight. I didn't have time to screw around so I just paid extra for the item and kept moving. I was in such a rush bagging everything that when I finally got in the car and pulled in the driveway I noticed that I HAD THE SCANNER in the bag.


Great. Should I go back or not? I see a barcode on the scanner, so now I'm thinking how they probably already knew it left the store. I eventually got decided I had to go back and return it and when I walked into the store the line was insane still, and people were going up to that specific station and realizing the scanner was missing. Awkwardly and embarrassed I marched right up there and just simply made eye contact with ABSOLUTELY no one.

I couldn't believe that you could steal/accidentally walk right out of there with the scanner and it didn't set it off--even with a barcode on it.

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