If you have what seems like the worst internet and wifi of all time from Time Warner Cable--that's because it basically is and you're not alone. In fact, so many people have realized it's not just them that New York State's Attorney General believes millions of New Yorkers have been defrauded. Actually, as I type right now have you ever heard of anyone say anything good about Time Warner/Spectrum.

According to WIVB:

The lawsuit filed in early February alleges that subcribers’ wired internet speeds for the premium plan were up to 70 percent slower than promised and WiFi speeds were even slower than that with some subcribers getting speeds 80 percent slower than what they had paid for.

You may have noticed that Time Warner has suddenly rebranded themselves as 'Spectrum'. New York still doesn't believe that the problem is fixed, so to add to the list of disappointed customers, New York State is encouraging everyone to check out the website.

Then the AG's office released this statement: As Attorney General Schneiderman’s lawsuit details, Spectrum-Time Warner Cable has been ripping off New Yorkers, promising internet speeds it simply cannot reliably deliver. Attorney General Schneiderman’s lawsuit remains ongoing, seeking much-needed relief for the millions of New Yorkers we allege have been cheated by Spectrum-TWC. We’re pleased that a federal court returned the case to state court — where we filed it, and where it belongs.


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