The snow has stopped falling, for now, in portions of New York State and that is good news for those who are still trying to get leaves raked up. A blast of winter hit Western New York as November arrived.

The snow was very heavy and left the roads tricky to navigate. In fact, there were multiple accidents in place for the Wednesday ride to work or school. Things are settling down and warming up for the end of the week.

But just how much snow did we get? What were the totals from the Halloween storm that caused so many to scramble for winter clothes and snow brushes?

Channel 4

Channel 4 in Buffalo is reporting that Hamburg, a suburb south of Buffalo received nearly 5 inches of snow.

What is next? More lake snow for a brief period before things improve Thursday afternoon.

The kids in our area were very excited for the snow when they saw it on Wednesday morning. However, it had melted by the time the afternoon school dismissal bell rang. The good news for the kids is that this is just a taste of what is to come.

Be ready for the next storm and get the snow tires and other winter safety items ready.

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