It almost MIGHT just work. At this point, people might just want to go visit this Blockbuster as an experience--throwing it back to the 90s when you used to go on Friday night to get a video. The last one in Australia is closing in a couple of weeks, leaving an Oregon location, owned by a married couple, the last one on earth.

I mean and they are old school as it gets.

  1. To reboot they use floppy disks that only the general manager uses.
  2. They write out membership cards by hand.
  3. Everything's backed up on a reel-to-reel tape and it can't even be replaced because Radio Shack went out of business.

Also, they have to be making more money somewhere?

It's newfound fame has been a shot in the arm, and customers stream in to buy $40 sweat shirts, $20 T-shirts and even $15 yellow-and-blue beanies hand-knit by Harding herself. The store pays Dish Network for the right to use the Blockbuster logo and has several years left on its lease", according to WIVB.

Now, if you're not even old enough to know what Blockbuster is, we'll help you out here.

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