Meet Jimmy Rigby's family...of the Manchester, Tennessee Rigbys. I met Jimmy and his lovely wife Carol on eBay a couple years ago. I knew Joseph would love a new talking Larry the Cable Guy doll like the one he had as a kid 15 years ago. I wanted it for Christmas and couldn't find them anywhere in stores, so eBay to the rescue.

Actually, Joe loved his entire collection of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour guys as a kid! Have you ever seen the dolls? They're HILARIOUS. You pressed their hands and they'd quote lines from their stand-up, with applause and everything. Joe and I would crack up! There was Jeff, Larry & Bill. I guess Ron White didn't sign the deal with Dollar General. But I digress...

So Jimmy, Carol and I got to messaging back n' forth on eBay: Me: "I need it for my special needs son...don't mind buying used, but are the batteries ok?" Rigbys: "Well, it made my dad laugh before he passed so it wasn't used much." They were very kind. SOLD! When Larry came in the mail, he wasn't alone. Jim and Carol had tossed in Bill Engvall too! As you can see, Joe was thrilled.

By the way, that's WYRK's own Craig Matthews (when he's not being Santa) presenting the guys to Joe. The Rigbys and I have been friends on Facebook for 2 years now, and I think in real life too. Good in their guts people who live "68 miles from the CMA festivals", as Jimmy likes to remind me. How can you not love a couple who laughed as hard as Joseph and I did at those goofy dolls from the Dollar General?

Last year Joe got another gift from Jim and Carol, and I hadn't ordered a dang thing..