I am so in love with my Buffalo family. Freinds for decades now, through thick & thin, since I moved here. Most of you know I grew up in West Virginia, (same place as one Brad Douglas Paisley!) and all my dear DNA family lives there. This is my chosen family...and we love games!

We break bread, have a few beers, then proceed to try to cream each other at a game. I mean trash talkin', dis' your mama, laugh till we cry, real life, 3D...GAMING!

Joy is the Queen of Thrift Shopping and she found this little beauty: It's called: "We're Talking Proud--All About Buffalo." and leads you through streets from City Hall to all points South, North, East & West AND the 'burbs! Businesses that I never knew were here! Banks and radio stations! LOOK who one of the sponsors was...WYRK! ...

I have GOT to do some research on this and try to get it updated to today! The only backstory I can find so far is on BoardGameGeek.com. I'll bet many more of you would recognize these streets more than I would because according to that site, it was published in 1981 before I got here. Can you IMAGINE it now with Canalside and all the amazing things that are happening in Buffalo right now?! I have to ask YRK's crack sales gurus! I'm STOKED!! You in? You "TALKIN' PROUD?!