Nobody likes paying more than something is worth, but Buffalo Bills fans want to go to the team practices so badly that they are actually buying tickets that were originally free. 

But just how much more are you willing to pay?

The Buffalo Bills announced that the Mafia would be welcomed to come out to St. John Fisher and Highmark Stadium for team practices. 

The training camp starts on July 26th with a 9:45 AM practice, and the annual blue vs. red game at Highmark Stadium will be on August 4th at 5:30 pm.

The tickets for training camp were free, which is why everyone is up in arms about them being resold for various monetary amounts. 

While the tickets were free, they had to be claimed and there was a limit on how many tickets you could have….so if you missed out before they were all claimed or you needed more than the limit allowed, you may be – what mom would say – S.O.L. 

People are now trying to sell the tickets on Facebook marketplace, Ebay, and other online marketing platforms. And while everyone is outraged over the ticket resale fiasco, some people are still buying them!

You have to admit, it is a rare opportunity to see the Bills play each other, and you have a higher chance of seeing Buffalo Bills players and maybe getting to take a picture with your favorite player! 

How much are you willing to pay, though?

According to a recent Twitter poll, while most people acknowledge that they are free, those who would purchase the tickets would not pay more than $50. 

Though you shouldn’t have to! If you are a member of the Bills Mafia Facebook Group, there is a thread where you can trade tickets for free. No reselling of tickets is allowed. 

Is It Illegal To Re-Sell Free Tickets?

Actually, yes. It is illegal to re-sell free tickets in New York state. If you are selling your free Buffalo Bills training camp ticket, you are actually breaking New York State law. You cannot resell free tickets.

You can read the law and find more information here.  

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