The summer is here and unlike the summer of 2021, there are way more things going on and people are back out doing things and that means more interactions with wildlife. There has been a recent surge in wildlife being injured and there is an opportunity for you to volunteer to help out.

According to organizers and staff at Messinger Woods Wildlife Care and Education Center...

We have over 200 animals at the hospital that has to be staffed from 9 to 9. COVID has been very difficult on a group such as Messinger Woods. There is no funding made available to us and, all events we had scheduled could not go on. Our wildlife intake has been over the top including many from SPCA Wildlife that they transferred, including ducks, owls, hawks, falcons, possums, songbirds. We have two eagles coming in from Cornell (one that SPCA took in and another admit to us) and already have one in our care!

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That is an incredible amount wildlife that needs daily care. How can you help? There are a couple of ways. Donations are always welcome and after 2020, the need for financial assistance is greater than ever. If you would like to volunteer, on their website, Messinger Woods explains...

If you are able to commit to 4 hours once a week during this time, we would love to have you join us this season. If you are a student, we realize that you must be back in school by the end of August and would not be available until our facility closes down for the season. You DO NOT have to be a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator to volunteer with Messinger Woods.

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If you happen to see injured wildlife or suspect something may be wrong, it is best not to approach the animals right away. In some cases, such as baby deer, the animals are fine and intentionally left alone for their protection. Some animals may appear to be aggressive if they are injured. Contact Messinger Woods or the New York State DEC for a rehabilitation or assistance.

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