The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for everyone. Trying to stay safe while trying to navigate the rules, regulations and anxiety about the next chapter in New York has been tough. But there is some good news this week from Monroe County.

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According to reports from the Monroe County Health Department, officials say there have been no deaths connected to the illness in a week. That's the longest seven-day stretch since early March.

As we hold our breath and wait to see what the fall is going to bring for schools and jobs, keeping the infection rate low is vital to keeping things on track. I doubt we will ever see a true end to this anytime soon. But it's the victories along the way that are worth celebrating.

The one ray of hope that most seem to have is the National Football League. Watching football in the fall is a comfort that most of us are wishing will happen in some form. The Buffalo Bills are a regional team and fans in the Rochester area are just as excited for whatever the season may look like.

It was announced this week that since we are seeing a decline in COVID-19 cases, we MIGHT see some fans allowed in to the stadium in Orchard Park. Just the thought of the possibility it may happen is enough to make us smile under our masks!

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