Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, in East Aurora, is open for some great events thus summer!

According to their website, for over 30 years Hawk Creek has served the Western New York community with education and rehabilitation for various wildlife including birds of prey!

I was recently at Hawk Creek to donate some venison that I had left over from last hunting season and was handed a lengthy list of great events that are going to be coming up heading into this fall.

The next event is coming up this weekend and it is going to be great for the entire family. Animal Play Day, as it’s called, is going to give people a chance to see nearly 100 different animals; some of which are endangered species. There will be games and fun for the kids as well as refreshments and even a bird show and a wild cat chat.

According to Hawk Creek,

This immersive and family-friendly event features behind-the-scenes and up-close encounters with Hawk Creek’s live raptors, corvids, wild cats, reptiles and exotic birds. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to meet Hawk Creek’s ambassador wild cat team; “Zane” the serval and “Tracker” the Eurasian Lynx and learn how conservationists are working to save small wild cats around the world! But it does not end there! Come to our flying bird demos to learn more about the animals of the sky and feel the power of birds flying overhead.

Animal Play Day Flyer

I have noticed more eagles and hawks and also turkey vultures soaring overhead in the south towns lately.  If by chance you happen to see one that appears injured be careful when you approach it and get a hold of Hawk Creek.  They will direct you what to do with the animal or bird that you have found and how they can get involved.

As far as events go, you can find tickets on their website for this weekends animal play day and other future events that they have planned.

Donating items like venison is very helpful to Hawk Creek wildlife center because of the variety of animals and birds that are meat eaters. Just like most organizations, 2020 was difficult for hawk Creek to raise money for their much-needed food sources for the animals that they are rehabilitating.  If you are interested in making a donation such as venison you are encouraged to call 652-8646 or visit hot creeks website for more information.

Hunting season will begin soon and if you have any leftover venison from last season, Hawk Creek is a great place for that donation!

Hawk Creek In East Aurora

We are blessed to have such a great organization with such a great staff that not only takes care of area wildlife but also helps children to learn and families to understand the importance of having a healthy wildlife and ecosystem to sustain them.   Perhaps we will see you and event soon at Hawk Creek?

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