Everyone is always looking for a good way to invest their money. You can put it in your 401K, you could put it in your own stocks, or you could invest in real estate.

Even if you don't make a ton of money at first buying investment properties, they are a great long-term investment. They outpace the market and with interest rates and rents increasing, you can make some good, safe investment money.

How much is the cheapest investment property in New York State. Taking a look at Zillow, here is one that you can afford if you are a handy man or woman.

7 dollars a month. That's how much money you will need to buy the cheapest house in New York State for a 30 year loan.

Cheapest House for Sale in New York State

The least expensive investment property in New York.

That's it. The pictures look pretty good for only 7 bucks per month.

So, you can buy this house in New York State and move in for $1,000. That is roughly 7 bucks a month.

Of course, it needs some work. But, if you are up to the challenge (and it will be a big one) it could be yours for almost nothing. You'll have to show proof of funds that you are going to fix it up, but you would have to do that anyway.

Hey, it might be a lot of work but you have to start somewhere. Once you are done with the work and fetching some major rents, you'll be super happy that you stuck it out.

216 Rich St, Syracuse, NY 13204

It is a 6 bed, 2 bath multifamily home in Syracuse. 

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