The online retail giant's members-only annual sale usually happens in mid-July, but there's rumblings we'll see an Amazon super sale next week.

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CNBC reports Amazon sellers were notified by the company about an upcoming "summer sale," slated for June 22. Amazon confirmed the sale.

But it won't be like Prime Day -- that's still been delayed to early Fall, due in-part to stocking and distribution issues because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Prime Day is set to happen in September, according to TechRadar. By then, the company expects to be closer to full operations, after experiencing layoffs, furloughs, and other pandemic-related economic disruptions.

Amazon has recently struggled with keeping up with consumer demand, and fulfilling orders in one, or two days -- which its members were used to.

According to an article in the New York Times, Amazon's "Summer Sale" is geared at reclaiming some of the consumers it lost to retailers with physical locations, like Walmart and Target, who offered online ordering with curbside pick-up services during the pandemic.

It's unclear what items might be discounted next week, but you can likely count on fashion brands being part of the deep discounts.

CNBC reports that fashion sellers were sent an invitation to participate in the sale.


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