So a new co-worker of mine met my wife Elizabeth for the first time this past weekend and the other day he looked at me and said.."Wow your wife is Hot"

I was taken back by the comment and thought it was a bit rude. You see I am a red-blood American male and when a guy says someone is hot I know what they are thinking about....For the sake of this blog...We will say "Baking Cookies"

Now, I know my wife is good-looking and there are much more gentlemanly ways of saying that. Something like "Wow...your wife is out of your league" or maybe "Your wife is very attractive" or if we are good friends "Man..what is your wife doing with you"

All those say the same thing, but it doesn't make me think that you were thinking on "Baking Cookies" with her!

Some people think I overreacted and it was just a nice compliment. So what do you think?

Our poll on Facebook agrees with me and said it was rude!

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