We all know the toll salt takes on our vehicles during the winter months, but it is needed to keep our roads nice and dry...but do we really need salt?

Apparently some places in Canada were using the candy Skittles to help de-ice roadways citing the high cost of Salt and the effectiveness of Skittles in milder temperatures.

Citing the rising cost of road salt and environmental concerns, area snowplows are now using Skittles to maintain winter highways at milder temperatures.

Drew Strickland is the head of Ferronial Services, the contractor responsible for clearing local highways.

“We were just as skeptical as anyone with the initiative,” says Strickland, “but it works. Skittles consist of a hard shell which shatter when frozen and create grit. The citric acid inside also helps break down pre-existing ice and prevents build-up when the temperature drops.”

Before you throw a candy scooper in your ride, just know that the whole story is fake!

A quick search on the website Snopes.com shows that the story originated from a parody website and was quickly being shared on Social media before any facts were checked.

You will have to get your sugar fixed some other way.
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