We had a little bit of a situation this morning on Clay and Company and we had to get creative...and FAST! Clay had to go to Channel 4 to do a little video shoot for a Veteran's promotion that will be coming up in the Fall, and the shirt that our promotions guy gave him, was a bottom-of-the box wrinkly T-Shirt.

How are we going to fix this?! The camera picks up EVERYTHING. He has to go on momentarily, so we had some suggestions since we DID NOT HAVE AN IRON:

  • Take a mister bottle or a spray bottle and mist yourself while your clothes are on you, and get in the car and turn on the heat and it will naturally take out the wrinkles.
  • Val said to wear your wrinkly shirt and then put a hoodie on and that will make you sweat a little bit and un-wrinkle the shirt. We compared it to almost a human version of a steam room.
  • I said that you can do the REDNECK IRON. When you put your clothes on at your house. Take a warm washcloth and just quickly 'iron' your clothes and smooth them out. If you get a little wet, don't worry you have time in the car to dry quick.

Of course, when you are at home if you have to be fast you can put it in the dryer for a couple minutes while you get ready.

Do you have any tricks to help the wrinkles get out?

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